Our Programs

We have specially designed each of these programs to fill a need. Whether you’re in middle school, high school or maybe you’re a teen mom and looking for something positive and productive to do outside of school to grow and make a difference, or some caring faces to talk to and be around; ATMN has just the program for you. All Things Made New is a place where you can learn, dream BIG and have some fun!

All programs are FREE!


More than Gold

More than Gold is designed for middle school and high school girls who meet at separate times to join together as they are going through life, supporting one another, helping each other, and creating lasting memories. During these programs youth will find intentional conversations to develop character, integrity, decision making skills, and become goal-oriented leaders.  


Iron Roots

A program designed to provide a structured and supportive environment for elementary and middle school boys in 5th through 8th grade that will exemplify strong leadership to guide, encourage and prepare young men to be successful scholars, stewards, leaders and men of virtue. 



GRACE is specifically for pregnant teenagers and teen moms.  In this program, our goal is to empower and inspire the young moms. We want our teen moms to recognize they still have a bright future and opportunity ahead of them, even with a bump in life that creates certain detours.  There is still a purpose for them individually and they don’t need to settle as a statistic. 


Dream makers

Dream Makers is a heart-warming opportunity for All Things Made New leaders as well as others in the community to make dreams of our youth a reality. Our desire is to model to our youth that they matter. We want them to grasp that dreams do come true and to keep dreaming big having hope and faith that the desires of their heart matter.

I can’t thank you all enough for all you do for my girls. They are great girls but need support beyond our family. They absolutely love coming and participating and I can see a transformation happening in them.
— More Than Gold Parent

Join the Fun

Ready to join a program, or maybe you have a heart to be a mentor or to volunteer? Please fill out an application and an ATMN leader will be in contact with you soon!