Mission & Goals

The mission of All Things Made New Mentoring Program is to mentor youth and their families who seek direction, encouragement, community and support in their life to press towards their dreams by offering hope and counsel in finding and using their personal qualities to accomplish their purpose in life. The ultimate goal of All Things Made New is to motivate middle school and high school students to be goal oriented with strong character as they grow into adulthood. It achieves this goal in three ways:


Goal 1

Offering group programs that are intentional to develop character through basic conversations, internal searching, external resources, and positive role models.

goal 2

Create relationships between the mentor and the mentee that will go beyond basic curriculum and be tailor made to meet the needs of the mentee and give them hope for their plans currently as well as in the future.

goal 3

Provide opportunities for community service for each youth to give back to the community they live in and make it a better plate.  In addition, we also provide positive interaction in the community to expand their perspective and give them opportunity to find potential through exploration and field trips.